Designed from the ground up with efficiency at its core, SOLUS radically reduces your heating bills, saving you money to spend on the things that matter to you the most.

Built with our patent pending graphene based heating element, SOLUS will save up to 80% of the cost of your heating. Built to simply plug and play, SOLUS can be integrated into any home in a matter of seconds.

Each SOLUS radiator also comes pre-packaged with a thermostat allowing you to set the desired room temperature. When the desired temperature is reached, SOLUS will cycle on and off to reduce the overall power consumption, prevent overheated rooms and save you even more money.


Crafted from ultra lightweight tempered glass, with a total thickness of only 10mm and total weight of 4.5kg, SOLUS is both sleek and portable. SOLUS’ striking black reflective design can be used freestanding or wall mounted (with the included accessories). SOLUS is beautiful, durable and most importantly designed to fit seamlessly into your home.

SOLUS' simple design and portability means that it's a system designed to grow with you as your lifestyle and home changes. Even renters with old and inefficient electrical heaters can take advantage of SOLUS by simply plugging directly into a mains socket and then taking SOLUS with you when you move.


Not only is SOLUS ultra efficient, it’s also fully recyclable. Every component that makes up SOLUS can be recycled, ensuring that SOLUS reduces your environmental footprint both now and decades into the future.

Our unique heating technology works with both traditional convection based heating as well as infra-red heating, meaning that each SOLUS unit can heat a 15m2 space with up to 5x less power usage.