Solus heater black
Solus+ M2 Front Panel

The technology behind SOLUS+


We set out to solve a simple problem. How do we create an innovative and affordable home heating solution designed to fit seamlessly into the modern home? 

“The way we heat our homes has remained stagnant for much of the last century. Now, as the world moves towards renewable energy sources, and the electricity grid becomes cheaper and cleaner, we set out to develop an innovative solution for environmentally conscious homeowners.”

Maxim Interbrick


Harnessing the power of the sun


Redefining infrared heating

The Power of nanoWAVE

Our patent protected graphene based NanoWave heating technology is designed to radically change the way we heat our homes. Designed to heat in the same way as the sun. SOLUS+ is faster to heat up, creates a more even heating performance and produces a higher intensity of infrared radiant heat compared to existing solutions. Heating your home just got up to 30% more cost efficient (*when compared to standard convection based electrical heating)

Longer life cycle

Your SOLUS+ will be as efficient in 20 years as it is today.

Even heat distribution

No cold spots. A much more effective way to heat your space.

Higher intensity infrared

More cost efficient than traditional infrared heaters.

Faster to heat up

Reaches maximum temperature very quickly. 

Plug in and play

No installation costs.

Maintenance free

Technology requires no maintenance. 

Unrivalled Heat Delivery

Heating Without Compromise

Air has very poor thermal conductivity and is a poor medium for heating our homes. Once warm, air rises. Moving it away from where you actually want it. Unlike convective heating sources, our NanoWave infrared heating heats the objects in the room directly. This results in a more enjoyable heating experience. It also helps to reduce dust and allergen circulation at the same time.
Technology designed for the modern home

Innovation meets Design

Maintenance-free peace of mind


Unlike more complex heating systems such as heat pumps or gas central heating, SOLUS+ requires no ongoing maintenance costs. Saving you time and hassle each year.

The lifecycle of traditional electric heaters is very short when used continuously. The technology behind SOLUS+ means that our heating element won’t burn out and will not need to be maintained for the lifetime of the product
Ensuring A Warm and Safe Home

Safety First,

SOLUS+ is backed by years of research and development. An essential part of the R&D process was ensuring SOLUS+ is certified by TUV Nord to the EN 60335-2-30 and EN 60335-1 standards. These certifications ensure SOLUS meets the highest European safety standards. Moreover, all SOLUS+ models have an IP44 rating allowing them to be used safely in bathrooms and kitchens, where resistance to water splashes and moisture is needed. SOLUS+ also complies with the more recent EU Lot 20 Legislation around heating efficiency.




At KOLEDA we have years of R&D behind our unique patent
pending graphene-based compound that is cost effective and
simple to manufacture.